-How long will it take before I am approved for wholesale?                                      We try to approve everyone, everyday (not including weekends). Please feel free to send us a message if you have not received an approval after 72 hours.

-How long until my order will ship?                                                                          Typically, we will ship within 7-10 Business days. If your order is larger than 100 freshies, it will take about 15+ business days depending on the order. Please feel free to email us if you need it sooner.

-Do you accept custom orders?                                                                                Not at this time. You can select your scent and shape in your orders, but not your colors, all colors vary. If you're ordering holiday scents, they will vary with the scents as well. 

-Can I run these in my buy-in group?                                                                        You are more than welcome to run them, but please note that all orders must be  3 MOQ - Per each shape & scent. 

-Can I use your photos?                                                                                             Yes you can! Please do not remove our logo. 

-I need my order ASAP, do you offer a "rush" order?                                                Yes we do, there is an extra charge.  

-Is there a minimum order?                                                                                       Yes, our minimum order is 25 freshies. 

-What sizes of freshies do you offer?                                                                        Our sizes range from 3" to 6"

-Where should I put my freshie?
Car, Closet, Bathroom, Office, Locker, Camper, Pantry, Trashcan, hang it by the stinky diapers, Gym bag, on your exercise equipment, Cabinets, Anywhere you want to smell good ! They work best in small areas.

-Do I have to hang it?                                                                                                 Yes, they are made to hang. If not, the oils can absorb on any kind of wood, plastic, etc. and ruin it! We are NOT responsible for any damages.

-Summer Time, Will it melt?
Yes they are! Be mindful of the "Sun-Visor" that you put in the windshield, do NOT let the freshie rest on it. Please make sure to pull out your freshie and let it hang (like normal) otherwise - it WILL melt!  Melting can occur in extreme heat. In peak summer highs we recommend leaving the car air freshener in the opened bag to allow the scent to dissipate without risking melting. 

- What is it made of?
They are a unique design made with small, plastic beads that absorb color and fragrance. Made with the maximum fragrance oil the bead can hold. The beads are not hollow, but absorb the scent & color.

-How long does the fragrance last?
It all depends on the fragrance itself. Softer scents will not last as long as stronger scents. On average the scent will last on average from 30-90 days.  Sometimes, you will get used to the fragrance and not smell it anymore,  but others that come near will. They will be stronger in the summer than the winter months as heat helps to dissipate the aroma.

-Can you add more fragrance to the existing freshie after the scent is gone?
No, that will create a mess.

-Will you replace my freshie if it melts?
No, we are not responsible if it melts and or any damages.

-Can I cancel my order?                                                                                            No, all sales are final. We do not accept cancellations or refunds. Please note, we are diligently working on your order along with several others and working as fast as we can to get them out. If you need fast shipping, there is an option at the checkout for that. 

-All sales are final. No refunds.